Students who have studied dentistry in another recognized school may be admitted to advanced standing, provided there are positions available and provided they have passed satisfactorily the courses which they have taken and have satisfied the Committee on Admissions that the work they have had is the equivalent of that given in this School.

An application for admission to advanced standing is considered within two distinct categories:

  1. Applicants with one or more years of formal dental education must make formal application and provide Dental Admission Tests scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation. In addition to the information demanded of applicants for admission into the first year, applicants for advanced standing must provide scores of Part I of the National Board examination if it has been completed and a letter from the Dean of the Dental School previously attended attesting that the applicant is in good standing and that he or she is eligible to return to the institution and complete the course of instruction.
    Having ascertained that the applicant’s qualifications for admission to advanced standing are acceptable, the Admissions Committee must then be assured that space is available and that schedules can be adjusted to accommodate the differences in scheduling that exist in various institutions.
  2. Applicants presenting evidence of having completed a formal dental education in a foreign dental school must provide Part I scores of the National Board Examination. Evidence of proficiency in the English Language (TOEFL) should also be provided if previous education was in a non-English environment. Preference is given to those applicants who can show evidence of completing a specialty degree or certificate of dental specialty from a United States institution.
    Having ascertained that the applicant’s credentials are in order, the applicant is offered an acceptance on a trial basis for a period of one semester. At the end of that semester the Admissions Committee, in consultation with the Student Performance Committee of the School of Dentistry, recommends to the Dean whether the applicant is to be retained as a student and, if retained, at which level continuance of the program should proceed.

Creighton University School of Dentistry does not review by examination the competency of applicants in subjects which they have completed or grant them a status superior to that which they had in the dental school which they have attended.

Forms for making application for admission with advanced standing are obtainable from the Creighton University Dental Admissions Office. The advanced standing application form and the necessary supporting documentation must be reviewed in the Dental Admissions Office by April 30.