The Mission of the dental education program at Creighton relates to the Mission of the University.

The purpose of the School of Dentistry is to educate students who can demonstrate the attainment of competence and the progression toward proficiency in providing for the oral health needs of society. This education will be conducted in a culture and learning environment that reflects Ignatian humanism and a Catholic, Jesuit heritage. It is designed to be comprehensive in nature and to challenge students to reflect on transcendent values as well as instill caring, ethical, and moral components in their professional lives. This educational experience will enable students to manage with confidence all phases of comprehensive dental care and to communicate professionally in both oral and written forms. It will also prepare students to evaluate and implement new knowledge and to accept their responsibility of service to one’s community and profession.

The School of Dentistry has the responsibility of providing quality dental care in a comprehensive manner for those people who choose to become patients in the School’s clinics. The School also has the responsibility and obligation to foster and cultivate dental research.