Creighton University supports a student who is a member, or who parents a dependent child with a spouse who is a member, of a military reserve unit or the National Guard and is called into active military service by the United States. To assist him/her to maintain his/her status as Creighton student, the University has adopted the following guidelines:

Withdrawal from the University:

  1. A student in good standing should immediately file a request for a leave of absence/withdrawal with the dean of the appropriate school or college in which the student is enrolled, along with a copy of the military orders.
  2. The leave of absence generally will be granted for one year. However, the deans of the appropriate college are encouraged to grant any request to extend the leave of absence should military service require more than one year.
  3. The student will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid to Creighton University if the request for a leave of absence/withdrawal for military service is filed prior to the last day to drop classes.
  4. The student will have a choice of three options if the request for a leave of absence/withdrawal is received after the last day to drop classes:
    1. A full refund of tuition and fees with no credit awarded for work completed during the semester.
    2. An Incomplete grade in all courses, upon approval of all instructors, with the right to complete all coursework within one year without further payment of tuition or fees.
    3. A grade in all courses, upon approval of all instructors, based on work completed to the date of the leave of absence request.
    4. Options b) & c) may be combined should circumstances warrant.
  5. The student will receive prorated refunds for his/her housing and meal-plan, if applicable, based on taking the percentage of days registered at the University over the total number of days in the semester (i.e., beginning with the first day of class and ending on the last day of finals).
  6. All applicable financial aid awards will be refunded to the appropriate agencies, and repayments of federal student loans will be calculated in accordance with federal guidelines.
  7. While the University will make every effort to accommodate a student returning from active duty, placement in certain honors programs at the University cannot be guaranteed.
  8. The student will be required to return university property, such as keys to residence halls, university computer equipment, library books, etc. in order to receive a refund or re enroll.