Quality Requirements

It is expected that students in the Graduate School will do a higher quality of work than those in the undergraduate colleges. Since no degree is conferred in consequence of mere time fulfillment or credits gained, the student must show performance of a superior quality.

A minimum grade of "B" is required to earn graduate credit in 500-series (advanced undergraduate) courses; in courses numbered 600 and above, open exclusively to graduate students, the minimum satisfactory grade is "C." (See specific program sections for any variations.) It does not follow, however, that minimum satisfactory grades will qualify for a degree. Graduate degrees will not be awarded to students who do not possess an overall grade-point average of 3.00 in the graduate program.

The ability to express oneself in idiomatic and grammatically correct English will be regarded as a determining factor in assigning grades, and no one will be allowed to pursue a graduate program unless he or she consistently demonstrates this ability.