Unconditional admission to Creighton graduate programs requires GRE1 or GMAT1 or other test scores for most applicants.

The GRE is required for all programs except as noted as follows:

GMAT scores are required for all applicants to the Heider College of Business master's degrees.

LSAT or MAT scores may be submitted in lieu of GRE scores for applicants to the M.S. program in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

MCAT or DAT scores may be submitted for applicants to the MS Clinical Anatomy program.

Programs that do not require a GRE or other test are: MSN,  MS-EMS, MS-Educational Leadership, MS-Health and Wellness Coaching, MS-Organizational Leadership, MS-Rehabilitation Science, MS-Occupational Therapy, MA-Christian Spirituality, MA-English, MA-Ministry, MEd-Elementary Teaching, MS-School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health, MEd-Secondary Teaching, Master of Public Health, MFA-Creative Writing, and EdD-Interdisciplinary Leadership. Although GRE scores are not required for admission to the EdD-Interdisciplinary Leadership program, Creighton University reserves the right to request them.

The GRE requirement may be waived for students who hold a previous masters degree. Waiver of this requirement is contingent on an assessment of all elements of a student’s record by the department or program to which the student seeks admission.


GRE and GMAT tests are administered by appointment at designated test centers, usually on college campuses, throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries. For further information, contact either the Dean of the Graduate School, Creighton University, the Educational Testing Service (www.ets.org), Princeton, N.J.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE): The GRE Aptitude Test measures the general verbal, mathematical (quantitative), and analytical writing abilities of college seniors or graduates who plan to undertake graduate studies. The GRE Advanced Tests are designed to measure comprehension and knowledge of subject matter basic to graduate study in specific fields. Furthermore, students who may have weak undergraduate credentials are well advised to strengthen their cases for admission by presenting both the GRE Aptitude Test scores and scores on the GRE Advanced Test available in the subject of their proposed graduate study.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT):  The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an aptitude test designed to measure certain mental capabilities important in the study of management at the graduate level. It contains questions that test one’s ability to read, understand, and reason logically with both verbal and quantitative material. The test is not a measure of achievement or knowledge in any specific subject, and one is neither required nor expected to have had undergraduate preparation in business subjects.