The graduate certificate in Business Analytics consists of 15 credit hours of graduate course work. Students approved to enroll in business graduate-level courses at Creighton are eligible to enroll in this certificate program. During the course work students are required to work on projects that involved real-world data sets. This certificate is designed for students who wish to engage in data and information analysis, explore and develop basic data-driven models for predicting outcomes and events, and obtain a good understanding of analytics that can be applied in various parts of a business to achieve operational efficiencies and enhance decision making.

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics Requirements (15 Credits):

Each of the following courses:
BIA 762Survey of Business Intelligence and Analytics3
BIA 772Data Visual Analysis and Visualization3
BIA 782Database Management Systems3
Two courses from the following: 6
Introduction to Business and Data Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Applications of Optimization Modeling
Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Database Warehousing and Advanced Database Systems
Total Credits15