Ph.D., Clinical and Translational Science course requirements (90 credits):

IDC 601Responsible Conduct of Research1
CTS 601Biostatistics and Analysis of Clinical Data Evidence-based Practice3
CTS 701Intermediate Biostatistics: Correlational and Multivariate Regression Analyses of Clinical Data3
CTS 702Federal Policies in Clinical and Translational Research2
CTS 713The Discipline of Scientific Writing and Preparation of Competitive Grant Applications3
CTS 791Seminars in Clinical and Transitional Science (one credit each semester except while writing the PhD dissertation)4-6
CTS Electives - at least 9 credits9-20
CTS 895 Directed Independent Study - at least 6 credits6-12
CTS 897 Directed Independent Research - at least 30 credits30-40
CTS 899 PhD Dissertation - 6-12 credits6-12
Comprehensive Examination Completion Required0