DBA Faculty Directors: Dr. Kristie Briggs & Dr. Eric Neuman

DBA Program Director: Desarae Mueller-Fichepain

Program Office: Harper Center

The Creighton DBA program is designed primarily for individuals seeking a full-time tenure track faculty position at an accredited teaching college or university, as well as those seeking a more analytical, applied research approach to business.

Students in the three-year cohort-styled program can continue working full-time in their existing jobs while completing their degree.  The hybrid model combines online learning with weekend residencies three times a semester for the first two years.  It offers content breadth across disciplines, with students specializing through their dissertation article research teaching mentorships and first-hand teaching experience.

Program Goals

  1. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of current theory in business disciplines as applied to global business practice.
  2. Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to employ innovative teaching design and methods.
  3. Graduates will be able to employ critical thinking skills to design and execute publishable, applied discipline-based empirical research.
  4. Graduates will understand and be able to apply Ignatian values to applied business research, practice and teaching, as well as to their own lives and careers.
  5. Graduates will respectfully and effectively communicate information through all modes of expression.
  6. Graduates will employ deliberative reflection skills to assist in the formation of their futures.
  7. Graduates will demonstrate an ability to work effectively and in solidarity across the distinctions of human diversity.


  1. Eligibility for Admission: Applicants for admission to the DBA program must have at least one of the following:1) a master's degree in business from a accredited university; 2) a graduate/terminal degree in another discipline; 3) undergraduate business degree from an accredited university plus 5 or more years business experience; 4) CPA certification plus 5 or more years business experience.  Additionally, the following documents must be submitted through Creighton's online application portal https://choose.creighton.edu/apply/?sr=aac60961-4b62-4c2f-9e9b-b1521e9f2681.
    1. Current Résumé.
    2. Transcripts: Official transcripts from each college or university attended, including undergraduate. Transcripts should be submitted. All such transcripts become the property of Creighton University.
    3. Recommendations: Two (2) professional letters of recommendation that directly address fit with the goals and outcomes of this program. 
    4. Objectives:  A clear statement of the applicant's objectives for joining the program, as well as career goals upon completion of the degree.
    5. Writing Competency:  Evidence of writing competency, which can be fulfilled by submitting an official GMAT1 with AWA score or a writing sample completed in a proctored writing environment set up by the DBA program director prior to admission.
    6. Additional Competencies:  Evidence of competency in statistics, accounting, finance and microeconomics through course transcripts, tutorial completion, CPA certification, and/or competency exam results.
    7. Photo Identification.
  2. International applicants with permanent U.S. residency must also submit: (NOTE: Students with F-1 visa status are NOT eligible for Creighton's DBA Program.)
    1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Official TOEFL score report with a a minimum acceptable score of 577 paper-based/90 iBT.
    2. Transcripts:  Official transcripts in the original language from each college or university attended, along with official English translations.
    3. Interview:  Applicants must complete either a virtual or in-person interview with one or more of the admissions committee members.
    4. For a student who has completed an undergraduate degree in the U.S.; or from a foreign institution in which English is the language of instruction; or based on a personal interview, the TOEFL requirement may be waived.  This is at the discretion of the DBA directors.
  3. Admission Process and Deadlines: The application deadline (including a completed dossier) is April 1 of each year; however, please keep in mind that admittance to the program is limited and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, so cohorts may fill up long before the April 1 deadline of that year.
    1. Applications:  Applications are accepted via Creighton's online registration portal only.  A link to the portal (Apply Now) can be found on the DBA site https://www.creighton.edu/program/Doctorate-Business-Administration-DBA in the top right column.
    2. Selection Process:  The DBA faculty director will convene, either in person or virtually, admissions committee members to review completed applications.  Members of the committee will vote on each applicant, with ties broken by the DBA faculty director.
    3. Exceptions:  Admission exceptions will initially be handled by the DBA Admissions Committee but will also be forwarded to the Creighton Graduate Programs Board for guidance.
  4. Deposit: Once accepted to the program, a student must submit a $5,000 non-refundable deposit within 14 days to secure admittance to the cohort.  If the deposit is not received within 14 days, the student's place in the program could be forfeited.  Admittance to the program is limited and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

 GMAT Exemption Practices
1. GRE Performance: Applicants who have already taken the GRE may substitute their GRE performance for their GMAT score. The applicant's verbal GRE score must be at least 153 and the quantitative score must be at least 144. The applicant must also be above the 20th percentile in both categories.
2. Professional Graduate Degrees: Applicants may be exempt from taking the GMAT if they have earned a professional graduate degree. Examples of such degrees include: J.D., M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., Ed.D., and Pharm.D.
3. Professional certifications: Applicants who have earned CPA certification or CFA certification (have passed at least Level 1) may be exempted from taking the GMAT.
4. Creighton business graduates: Applicants who have earned a BSBA degree from Creighton University College of Professional Studies in the last 10 years with at least a 3.5 overall GPA plus at least a 3.75 GPA in all accounting, finance, and statistics courses taken may be exempted from taking the GMAT.

Doctor of Business Administration Program

A master's degree is required for admission; students entering without graduate or undergraduate core business content courses or equivalent work experience may be required to demonstrate general understanding of the topics by passing Creighton's relevant on-line MBA core courses.