Doctor of Business Administration (54 credits)

Ignatian Reflection and Formation Core
DBA 800Ignatian Reflection and Formation6
Applied Business Research Content Core
DBA 801Applied Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Research3
DBA 802Applied Marketing Research3
DBA 803Applied Economics Research3
DBA 804Applied Accounting Research3
DBA 805Applied IT/Operations/Business Analytics Research3
DBA 806Applied Strategy and Entrepreneurship Research (Applied Strategy Research)3
DBA 807Applied Finance Research (Applied Finance Research)3
DBA 808 (Applied Information Systems Research)3
Innovative Business Pedagogy
DBA 810Survey of Innovative Business Pedagogy3
DBA 811Innovative Pedagogical Mentorship3
or DBA 830 Applied Research Mentorship
DBA 812Innovative Pedagogical Practicum3
Research and Dissertation
DBA 820Applied Research Design and Methods Survey3
DBA 821Regression and Correlation Analysis3
DBA 822Applied Behavioral Research Design & Methods3
DBA 823Econometric Research Design and Methods3
DBA 830Applied Research Mentorship (Up to 6 credits total)3
DBA 831Applied Dissertation Research Development Seminar3
DBA 899Applied Dissertation Research (Up to 9 credits total)3

Additional on-line statistics course may be required, depending on student's area of research and teaching interest and quantitative/qualitative research background.