MA, Major in English - Concentration in Literature (36 credits)

Foundation Courses
ENG 600Introduction to Graduate Study3
ENG 721Seminar in Literary Criticism3
Literature Core Courses
Select eight courses from the following:24
Seminar In Medieval Literature
Seminar In Renaissance Literature
Seminar In Neoclassical Literature
Seminar In Romantic Literature
Seminar In Victorian Literature
Seminar In American Literature To 1865
Seminar In American Literature, 1865-1914
Seminar In Modern English And American Literature
Seminar in Irish Literature
Topics in Rhetoric and Composition Theory 1
Seminar in Postcolonial Literature
(The candidate may petition the Graduate Directors to substitute up to two Studies or Private Readings courses in lieu of scheduled seminars.)
Capstone Courses
ENG 798Master's Essay Or Three -Paper Option Or Creative Thesis3
Select one of the following:3
Supervised Practicum In Writing
Supervised Practicum In The Teaching Of Composition
Supervised Practicum In The Teaching Of Literature
Supervised Practicum in the Teaching of Creative Writing
Total Credits36

 ENG 722 may be taken twice if different topic is covered.