Effective through Fall 2016

Master of Science, Health and Wellness Coaching - Applied Track (36 Credits)

GRD 601Writing for Graduate Students1
Lifestyle Medicine
All of the following are required:
HWC 591Advanced Lifestyle Medicine 12
HWC 650Health Behavior Modification3
HWC 651Nutrition for Chronic Disease3
HWC 652Exercise for Chronic Disease3
HWC 653Stress and Sleep Management3
Choose one of the following concentrations:15
Care Coordination
Advanced Lifestyle Medicine 1
Care Coordination and Team-Based Care
Law and Health Care Ethics
Health Communication and Informatics
Introduction to Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Healthy Aging
Advanced Lifestyle Medicine 1
Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan
Social and Cultural Contexts of Health Care
Health Care and Health Services: Anthropological Perspectives
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in the Gerontological Population
Program Design, Evaluation and Leadership
Personal Development for the Health and Wellness Coach
Research Methods and Program Design
Social Epidemiology
Health Economics and Finance
Communicating and Leading Across Cultures
Take all of the following:
HWC 760Advanced Health and Wellness Coaching3
HWC 770Capstone in Health and Wellness Coaching3
Total Credits36

 or elective if already taken

Effective Spring 2017 there is only one curriculum track for the M.S. program in Health and Wellness Coaching.