The Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics consists of 15 credit hours total composed of 4 three-hour courses plus MHE 600 Scholarly Reading and Writing (3 credit hours). Students will design their own program of study composed of courses listed below consistent with their career and development interests.

Program Outcomes

1. Discern the ethical problems, ambiguities, controversies, and assumptions ín health care practices,
systems, policies, and laws.
2. Discuss how the general concerns of ethics, particularly regarding vulnerability and
marginalization; apply to health care practices, systems, policies, and laws.
3. Critically reflect on personal and professional attitudes, actions, and development in response to
reading, discussions, clinical cases, or simulations.
4. When presented with an issue of ethical concern, apply ethical principles, norms, and theories;
provide justification for a particular response or course of action in a persuasive manner; anticipate counter
arguments; and offer suitable rebuttals.
5. Evaluate ethical policy documents to improve the ethical
quality of health care.

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Ethics requirements: (15 credits)

Required course:
MHE 600Scholarly Reading and Writing3
Choose from courses below: 12
Health Policy
Research Ethics
Law and Health Care Ethics
Social and Cultural Contexts of Health Care
Philosophical Bioethics 1
Theories of Justice 1
Practical Ethics in Health Care Settings 1
Ethical Aspects of End-of-Life Care
Rescue and Transplantation: Manifestations of Scarcity and Power in U.S. Health Care
Public Health Ethics
Catholic Bioethics
Oral Health Care at the Intersection of Professional and Business Ethics
Independent Study in Health Care Ethics
Total Credits15

These courses require an instructor waiver as there are prerequisites.