MHM Course requirements (48-51 credits)

MBA 701Financial Reporting for MBAs3
MBA 775Business Policy And Managerial Action3
MBA 782Finance for the Healthcare Manager3
MHM 600Managing Healthcare Organizations3
MHM XXX (Human Resources for Healthcare Managers)3
MHE 601Health Policy3
or NUR 704 Health Care Policy and Law
MHE 603Law and Health Care Ethics3
or MBA 781 Legal, Ethical, and Societal Considerations in Healthcare Management
MPH 601Organization and Management of Public Health Services3
MPH 605Epidemiology3
or NUR 684 Epidemiology
MPH 607Biostatistics3
MPH 608Health Communication and Informatics3
or BIA 765 Information Systems and Data Analytics in Healthcare
MPH 633Health Economics and Finance3
or MBA 741 Economic Analysis for Managers
MPH 634Health Planning and Marketing3
MPH 635Public Health Leadership3
NUR 888Executive Leadership3
MHM XXX (Practicum - 3 credit hours with Healthcare Management experience; 6 credit hours with no experience)3-6
Total Credits48-51