The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree offered through the Heider College of Business paired with the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (M.S.-NCR) degree offered through the Werner Institute prepares students with the ability to balance the needs of diverse groups within ever changing environments by increasing collaborative problem-solving skills and developing an understanding of complexity theory allowing for greater comfort with ambiguity and the emergence of conflict. The increased understanding of the dynamics of conflict and conflict management leads to a myriad of professional opportunities. The next generation of leaders will be working with and within our institutions to improve how we work together. They will become the conduits through which future models for collaborative organizations emerge. The rigorous academic curriculum integrates substantial practical experience in business and negotiation to ensure your success in tomorrow's workplace.

Individuals wishing to obtain the M.B.A./M.S.-NCR degree must complete 47 credit hours across the two programs. The 33 hour M.B.A. degree may be obtained by combining eight hours of NCR courses with an additional 25 hours of MBA course work. The 32 hour M.S.-NCR can be obtained by combining ten hours of M.B.A. courses with an additional 22 hours of NCR work.


M.B.A. Requirements
MBA Core
MBA 771Leadership and Organizational Behavior3
MBA 775Business Policy And Managerial Action3
MBA 776Business, Ethics and Society3
MBA Functional Core
MBA 701Financial Reporting for MBAs3
MBA 711Managerial Finance3
MBA 741Economic Analysis for Managers3
MBA 761Marketing Management3
BIA 731Information Systems Management3
MBA 779Seminar in Management (Dardis Communication)1
NCR Requirements
LAW 310Alternative Dispute Resolution2
LAW 410Negotiation3
NCR 623Online Dispute Resolution2
NCR 624Dynamics of Conflict3
NCR 625Systems and Consulting for Conflict Specialists2
NCR 626Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict2
NCR 627Facilitation and Group Processes2
LAW 404Mediation Process3
NCR 733Practicum3
Total Credits47