Master of Science/Master of Arts Dual Degree Program

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Ministry

Requirements (60 credits):

Online NCR Requirements
NCR 620Introduction to Negotiation and Conflict Resolution3
NCR 624Dynamics of Conflict3
NCR 625Systems and Consulting for Conflict Specialists2
NCR 626Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict2
NCR 627Facilitation and Group Processes2
NCR 628Mediation Residency4
NCR 633Applied Interdisciplinary Research: A Narrative Approach2
NCR 733Practicum3
MAM Requirements
MAM 610Introduction to the Old Testament3
MAM 620Introduction to New Testament3
MAM 630Christology3
MAM 640Ecclesiology: Theology of Church and Ministry3
MAM 650Moral Theology and Decision Making3
MAM 660Worship, Liturgy and Sacrament3
MAM 676Theology and Catechesis3
MAM 677Personal Human and Spiritual Development of the Minister1
MAM 680Ministerial Ethics and Leadership Skills3
MAM 761Historical Development of Fundamental Doctrine3
MAM 772Canon Law, Catholic Identity and Ecumenism3
MAM 776Discernment of Spirits: Theory and Practice3
MAM 792Internship2
Total Credits60