Degree Requirements

Foundational and Process Courses
LAW 310Alternative Dispute Resolution2
LAW 404Mediation Process3
LAW 410Negotiation3
NCR 622Conflict Engagement and Leadership3
NCR 623Online Dispute Resolution2
NCR 624Dynamics of Conflict3
NCR 625Systems and Consulting for Conflict Specialists2
NCR 626Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict2
NCR 627Facilitation and Group Processes2
Select seven credits from the following (or other courses with permission of the program director):7
Organizational Collaboration and Conflict Management
Health Care Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Applied Interdisciplinary Research: A Narrative Approach
Seminar: Special Topics in Conflict Resolution
NCR 733Practicum3
Total Credits32