Degree Requirements

LAW 310Alternative Dispute Resolution2
NCR 624Dynamics of Conflict3
NCR 625Systems and Consulting for Conflict Specialists2
NCR 626Culture, Gender and Power Differences in Conflict2
NCR 622Conflict Engagement and Leadership3
Skills and Processes
NCR 623Online Dispute Resolution2
LAW 404Mediation Process3
NCR 627Facilitation and Group Processes2
NCR 615Negotiation3
Select seven credits from the following (or other courses with permission of the program director):7
Seminar on Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Conflict
Seminar in International Conflict
Conflict Engagement and Leadership
Conflict Engagement and Leadership
Elder Law
Marriage and Divorce
International Business Transactions
Health Care Organizations
Labor Law
International Law
Art and Society in the Renaissance
Ethnic Conflict, Nationalism, and Democracy
Staying with Conflict: Working with Ongoing Disputes
Organizational Collaboration and Conflict Management
Health Care Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Effective Conflict Engagement for Educational Leaders
Applied Interdisciplinary Research: A Narrative Approach
The Application of Coaching within Conflict Resolution
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Families
Human Rights, Poverty, Medicine, and Health: An International Perspective
Engaging in Bioethical Conflict
Seminar: Special Topics in Conflict Resolution
Directed Independent Study
Experiential Independent Work3
Thesis Project
Total Credits32

Optional Additional Concentration in Student Affairs

NCR (TBD) Student Development Theory3
NCR 670Foundations and Functions of College Student Affairs3
NCR 671Internship in College Student Affairs I3
NCR 672Internship in College Student Affairs II3
Total Credits12