MS, Rehabilitation degree requirements (39 credits):

First Year
Semester 1Credits
MSR 500English for MSR Students 3
MSR 503Introduction to OT 3
MSR 603Physical Rehabilitation I 3
MSR 613Rehabilitation with Older Adults 3
 Term Credits12
Semester 2
MSR 553Research 3
MSR 623Physical Rehabilitation II 3
MSR 633Rehabilitation with Children and Youth 3
 Term Credits9
Second Year
Semester 1
MSR 513Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership 3
MSR 533Mental Health 3
MSR 643UE Orthopedics 3
 Term Credits9
Semester 2
MSR 543 Instructional Methods  2
MSR 653 Research Project  1
MSR 663 Experiential Education for Master of Science in Rehabilitation or MSR 673 Experiential Education Master of Science in Occupational Therapy  6
 Term Credits9
 Total Credits: 39