Admission with advanced standing into the third year will be considered for qualified applicants. The number of available places will be determined by the total facilities of the school for accommodating students in each class and student attrition during any given year. Admission decisions will be determined by the Executive Committee on Admissions.

Evaluation criteria for advanced standing applicants include:

  1. Aptitude for the mission of Creighton University School of Medicine, as demonstrated by a record of service to the community.
  2. A Creighton University affiliation (for example, prior matriculation in a Creighton University school/college, legacy relationship).
  3. Academic transcript from the applicant’s undergraduate university and current medical school.
  4. Completion of all prerequisite coursework required.
  5. All applicants will be required to have received their bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution within the United States or Canada.
  6. Submission of the Advanced Standing Application.
  7. Three letters of recommendation from current medical school faculty.
  8. Letter from the Dean of the applicant’s current medical school noting that the applicant is in good standing and eligible for promotion into the next academic year.  This letter should also include any academic or professionalism infractions.
  9. Personal interview.
  10. Students must have taken USMLE Step 1 and must provide an official USMLE transcript to Creighton University School of Medicine.
  11. Students must have previously applied to an LCME-accredited medical school through AMCAS.
  12. Students must submit a verified AMCAS from their most recent application to medical school.
  13. Student must submit a $150.00 fee upon submission of their application.  The application fee is non-refundable.

Requests for advanced standing will be processed by the Creighton University School of Medicine Office of Medical Admissions.