We wish to thank our alumni and friends for their generous support of our School of Medicine students:

Endowed Scholarships for the School of Medicine

Dr. Alfred C. and Louise L. Alessi Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Marguerite Arneth Scholarship

George H. Arnold, III Scholarship

Dr. John and Janet Barnes Family Endowed Scholarship

Arthur Laughlin and Esther Johnson Barr Scholarship

Clinton and Gilbert Beirne Scholarship

Dr. Edward and Nancy Beitenman Scholarship

Stephen M. Brzica, Jr. and Sheila Carey Brzica Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Eileen G. Buhl and Class of 1988 Endowed Scholarship

Merle and Betty Burmester Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Harold and Joan Cahoy Endowed Scholarship

Cali Family Endowed Medical Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Carollo Medical School Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ned H. Cassem, S.J., M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Michael Cavaleri Scholarship

Carmelo C. Celestre, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Romain P. Clerou, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

John, Josephine, and Mary Coates Medical Scholarship

Robert and Shirley Collison Endowed Medical Scholarship

Sal and Mary Walton Conti Medical Scholarship

Marilyn M. Crane Scholarship

Creighton Family Medical Scholarship

Creighton University Medical Center League Endowed Scholarship Fund

Creighton School of Medicine Class of 1955 Endowed Scholarship Fund to Honor the Deceased and Living Class Members

Creighton University School of Medicine Class of 1962 Endowed Scholarship

Creighton University School of Medicine Class of 1966 Endowed Scholarship

Creighton University School of Medicine Class of 1970 Endowed Scholarship

Creighton University School of Medicine Class of 1974 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Q. Crotty Endowed Scholarship

Henry L. Cuniberti, M.D. Scholarship

Frederick J. de la Vega, M.D. Scholarship

Dean Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry

Tom J. DeCino, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Edward J. and Ruth H. DeLashmutt Scholarship

Angela E. DeMarco Leise M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Lynn I. and M. Diane DeMarco Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Peter R. and Loreta L. DeMarco Endowed Scholarship Fund

Richard L. Deming, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Stephen B. and Verne M. Devin Endowed Scholarship

Franklin D. and Nancy Dotoli Endowed Scholarship

Dale E. and Rosemary Dunn Endowed Scholarship

Dr. John Elder Endowed Scholarship

Fallen Comrades of the Class of 1968 Endowed Scholarship

Donnie Fangman, Jr. Memorial per Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Fangman and Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Fangman, Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Michael J. and Linda Fazio Endowed Scholarship in Honor of William and Irene Fazio

Richard J. Feldhaus, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

David and Fay Feldman Endowed Medical Scholarship

Holly Anne Fickel, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Fischer Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Robert and Mary Jane Fitzgibbons Family Scholarship

Dr. John and Mary Fitzpatrick Endowed Scholarship

Michael J. and Rozanne B. Galligan Scholarship

James O. Gates, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

John A. and Anna C. Gentleman Scholarship

Dr. John E. and Donna Glode Endowed Scholarship

Donald T. Glow, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Joseph & Ruth Goldenberg and Morris & Miriam Brumberg Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. John L. and Margaret J. Gordon Endowed Scholarship

James and Mary Gutch Medical Scholarship

Dr. C. Thomas and Mary Hagan Family School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Herbert C. and Elizabeth J. Hagele Memorial Endowed Scholarship

F. Audley Hale, M.D. Scholarship

Hans Hansen, M.D. 1905 Scholarship

Harper-Culhane Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of Mary and Oliver Harper and Kathleen and Joseph Culhane

Hartigan Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Medicine

Robert D. Hedequist, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Edwin J. Holling Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Joseph M. and Frances M. Holthaus Endowed Scholarship Fund

Tu-Hi Hong, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Edward A. Horowitz, M.D. '78 School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship

Theodore F. Hubbard, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Thomas C. Hunter Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Charles and Kathryn Hustead Scholarship in Medicine

Betty Lou H. Jelinek Endowed Scholarship

Harry J. Jenkins Sr., M.D. and Harry J. Jenkins Jr., M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Werner P. Jensen, M.D. Medical Scholarship

Dr. Paul N. and Desnee M. Joos Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Thomas H. Joyce, III, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund for Medical Students

Dr. Robert and Rebecca Kalez Endowed Scholarship Fund for Medical Students

Marc S. Kelly Endowed Scholarship

Klee S. Bethel, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Klein Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Milada Kloubkova-Schirger, Ph.D. Scholarship

Eugene F. Lanspa, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Margaret and Stephen Lanspa Family Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Lena Lorge Scholarship for the School of Medicine

Luke Society Endowed Scholarship Fund in Honor of Reverend John J. Lynch, S.J.

Magassy Endowed Medical Scholarship

Dr. John G. and Bess Manesis Endowed Medical Scholarship

Dr. James E. and Mrs. Ann L. McGill Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Patrick J. and Geraldine M. McKenna Endowed Scholarship

Robert J. McNamara Endowed Scholarship

Dean's Endowed Fund for Excellence in Education

Medical Dean’s Endowed Scholarship

School of Medicine Alumni Advisory  Board Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert C. and Janet Meisterling Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Irving I. Mittleman Memorial Scholarship

Dr. James A. and Jeanne M. Murphy Endowed Scholarship

William K. Murphy, M.D. Scholarship

Dr. Delwyn J. and Josephine Nagengast Endowed Medical Scholarship

Jon L. and Constance E. Narmi Endowed Medical Scholarship

Anna H. O’Connor Scholarship

Frank and Margaret Oliveto Endowed Medical Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Gerald C. O'Neil Scholarship

Pascotto Family Endowed Medical School Scholarship

Dr. Dwaine, Sr., and Carmen Peetz Endowed Scholarship

Edmund V. Pellettiere, M.D. Classes of 1964 & 1928 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. William A. and Ethel Green Perer Endowed Scholarship Fund for Women in Medicine in Honor of Dr. Nicholas Dietz, Jr.

Perrin\Class of ’64 Pathology Endowed Scholarship

Roy L. Peterson, M.D. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. Carole Presnick and Dr. Carl Pantaleo Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Mary Hoff Pylipow time, Talent and Treasure Endowed Scholarship Fund

Rev. James Quinn, S.J. School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship Fund

Reals Family Scholarship

Purl E. Reed, M.D. Scholarship

Robert and Beverly Rento Endowed Scholarship

Dr. John R. and Beverly Bartek Reynolds Endowed Scholarship for Medicine

Carroll Pierre Richardson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Norman E. Ringer Scholarship

Rotary Club of Omaha Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Garry F. and Judy Rust Endowed Scholarship

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Medical Scholarship

Margaret D. Ryan Scholarship

Dr. David A. Sackin Memorial Scholarship for the School of Medicine

Stanley Sackin Endowed Scholarship for Medicine

Sadowski Family Endowed Scholarship

Edward John Safranek, M.D. ’56 Endowed Scholarship Fund in Medicine

Dr. Sal and Marilyn Santella Endowed Scholarship

J. Albert Sarrail, M.D. Endowed Medical Scholarship

The Schekall Family Endowed Medical Scholarship Fund

Scholarship for Peace & Justice

Dr. William M. Scholl Endowment for Medical Jurisprudence

Shirley and Eileen Schultz Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Hubert F. Schwarz Scholarship

Arthur L. Sciortino, M.D. and Aileen Mathiasen Sciortino, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Marcia K. Shadle-Cusic Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Kenichi Shimada Endowed Scholarship Fund

Charles Shramek Scholarship

Dr. Joseph M. Shramek Scholarship

Albert Shumate, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Drs. Lynn and Matthew Simmons Endowed Scholarship Fund

James P. Slattery, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Thomas Timothy and Cecelia Smith Endowed Scholarship

Thomas Timothy Smith, M.D. Lecture Series 1988-2015 Endowed Scholarship

Stafford Family Annual Scholarship for the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing

Dr. Margaret Storkan Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Taylon Endowed Scholarship Fund

F. James and D. Kelly Taylor Endowed Scholarship

Class of '94 Todd Thomas Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Paul H. Thorough Medical Scholarship Fund

Dr. Peter M. and Annette L. Townley Family Endowed Scholarship

Carl J. Troia, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Katherine C. Troia Endowed Medical Scholarship

Turkal Family Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Joseph E., MD '48 and Mrs. Virginia D. Twidwell Scholarship Fund

Dr. Joseph E., MD '48 and Mrs. Virginia D. Twidwell Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Frank E. Mork, Sr., M.D. ’29

Irma Smith Van Riesen, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Michael J. and Nancy J. Weaver Endowed Scholarship

Edward R. West Scholarship

Gerald J. Wieneke, M.D. Scholarship in Medicine

Harold E. Willey Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Robert G. Wilson Scholarship

Robert M. Wiprud, M.D. Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. William K. Wolf Scholarship

John and Marie F. Zaloudek Foundation Scholarship in Medicine

Zoucha and Kuehner Family Endowed Scholarship

Annual Scholarships and Awards for the School of Medicine

Dr. and Mrs. P. James Connor, Jr. Family Scholarship

Lynn P. and Louise A. DeMarco Annual Scholarship

Romano O. DeMarco Annual Scholarship

Carole and Peter E. Doris Radiology Award

Ellbogen Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award

Donald J. Greco, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Oscar J. and Adelaide Hurok Memorial Scholarship

Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation Annual Scholarship

Johnston Family Foundation School of Medicine Scholarship

Klein Family Annual Scholarship

Sade Kosoko-Lasaki, M.D. and Gbolahan O. Lasaki, Ph.D. Family Annual Scholarship Fund

Charles Ludwig Memorial Scholarship

Meriam E. and Charles G. Maio Scholarship

Doris Norton Scholars

Dr. Adolph and Ruth Sachs Prize

School of Medicine General Scholarship

Marcia Shadle-Cusic Scholarship

Drs. Lynn and Matthew Simmons Annual Scholarship Fund

St. Joseph Hospital Service League Scholarship for the School of Medicine

Uros Stambuk, M.D. Scholarship

The James and Georgianna Vicari and Dr. Phillip and Virginia Monnig School of Medicine Scholarship