A medical education involves a considerable expenditure of funds by the student. Advice, and assistance when possible, is available to students with financial problems. However, the University must presume that those who seek admission will be able to meet the financial obligations that occur during the four years of the medical school program.

In addition to the regular expenditures for daily living, the costs of tuition, textbooks, and health insurance will approximate the following amounts, which are subject to change. The applicant for admission should assume that the annual tuition will change and is likely to increase each year during the four years of the medical program. The cost of textbooks and health insurance is based upon requirements and estimated prices for the current year.

Tuition $55,580
Fees $2,264
Living Expenses (Room, Board, Transportation) $16,200
Books $1,065
Travel $1,200
Health Insurance $2,500
Miscellaneous $2,100
Total $80,909