The Academic Year

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions defines a full academic year as two semesters with a minimum of 12 credits hours per semester. The School’s academic year is divided into three semesters. The first begins in August and ends before the Christmas holidays; the second begins in January and ends in May; the third begins in May and ends in August.

The standard University calendar allows for a one-week mid-semester break in the fall and spring semesters,  a vacation of approximately three-four weeks between fall and spring semesters, a Thanksgiving recess and an Easter recess. Didactic instruction is also suspended on certain legal holidays (e.g. Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day). Students on clinic assignment may not always be released from clinical rotation or fieldwork commitments during these holiday periods.

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions maintains several program specific academic calendars. Please refer to the School’s website or the Calendar in this Catalog for information on individual program schedules.

Clinical education courses (clinical rotations/fieldwork) are offered on a year-round basis for full-time semester credit and at regular full-time tuition rates (including the summer semester). Doctor of Occupational Therapy students must enroll in summer courses in their first and second professional years. Doctor of Physical Therapy students must enroll in summer courses in their second and third professional years. Distance Doctor of Pharmacy students will be involved in summer courses throughout their curriculum. Campus Doctor of Pharmacy students must enroll in summer intensive courses during their fourth professional year only.