A leave of absence is a planned interruption in a student's formal education program. It is normally short term (one or two semesters) and designed for full-time students in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above). The principal advantage of a leave of absence is that it offers a student the opportunity to leave college temporarily with the assurance that she/he will be able to resume studies with minimal administrative difficulty.

To initiate a leave of absence, the student should discuss his/her plans with the academic advisor and then make a formal request in writing to the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (traditional students) or the appropriate post-professional pathway Director (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Pharmacy) explaining why the leave is needed and the expected date of return to School. Approval or denial of the leave request will be provided, in writing, by the Assistant/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Students should be advised that a Leave of Absence (LOA) initiated mid-semester may result in loss of tuition. Students who begin their Leave of Absence in the middle of the semester will be withdrawn from the courses they leave, and must reregister for (and retake) any of those courses which are required upon their return. This will necessitate the repayment of tuition for those courses. Students on leave will not be classified as enrolled students by the University; however, they will be eligible for limited transitional services of the University Counseling Center, the Career Planning and Placement Center, and have limited use of library facilities. For the purpose of internship, a pharmacy student "on leave" will be classified as an enrolled student by the School