B. A., Major in American Studies Requirements: 30 Credits

AMS 307Introduction to American Studies3
AMS 308Theories and Methods in American Studies3
AMS 491Senior Seminar3
Select two courses each from three of the following groups (for a total of 6 courses):18
American Fine and Performing Arts
History And Criticism Of Cinema
Jazz in American Culture
History Of American Architecture
Survey of American Art
Modern Hispanic Art History
History Of The Art of Spain And Her Colonies
Native American Art
The History and Aesthetics of Latin American Photography
American Theater History
American History
The Twentieth Century as "The American Century
The History Of Women In The United States
Race In America: Idea And Reality
History of Protest in America
Global Perspectives in History: The Native American Experience
United States History To 1877
United States History Since 1877
Constitutional History of the United States Since 1877
Religion In American Society To 1865
Religion In American Society From 1865 To The Present
The African-American Experience
Equality, Minorities, And Public Policy
The United States And Latin America
Black History Through Literature
American Colonies
Revolutionary America
The Early American Republic
Civil War and Reconstruction
The Sixties
The United States and Canada
American Literatures
Mass Media And Modern Culture
American Literature/American Identity
American Literature I: Beginnings To Civil War
African-American Literature
American Literature II: 1860-1914
English And American Literature: 1914 To The Present
Introduction to Native American Literature
American Literature: Vision And Reality
Literature and the Environment
The Roaring Twenties
The Thirties
Canadian Literature
Modern American Poetry
Seminar in Film Studies
Modern American Drama
19th-Century American Novel
Modern American Novel
Contemporary American Literature
History Of Literary Criticism
Special Topics in American Literature
American Philosophy
American Philosophy
Philosophy of Sport
American Pragmatism
Meaning in America
Philosophy of Feminism
American Philosophy
American Politics
American Government And Politics
American States And Regions
Minority Politics in America
Mass Media In American Politics
Federal Indian Policy And Law
Public Policy And Poverty In The United States
Equality, Minorities, And Public Policy
Democratic Theory
Religion And Public Life In The United States
American Presidency
Congress And The Legislative Process
Contemporary Issues In Civil Liberties
American Society and Culture
Social and Cultural Theory
Religion And Contemporary American Society
Qualitative Methods In The Social Sciences
Gender in American Society
Indians of the Great Plains
Native American Cultures and Health
American Cultural Minorities
Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
Sport in American Culture
Environment and Society: Sociological Perspectives
Critical Issues in the Study of North American Religions
Gender, Society and Culture
Issues Of The Native American Experience
Social Inequality and Stratification
Discourse of the American Family
Resistance, Performance, and Rhetoric
Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Labor Economics
Inquiries in American Studies
Selected Topics
Topical Seminar in American Studies
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Research
American Studies Internship
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Select one additional course from any of the above groups3
Total Credits30