The Biology minor introduces students to foundational and advanced courses across the major subdisciplines of modern biology. Lecture and lab experiences are grounded on fundamental principles. In addition to the General Biology courses, a diversity of life science topics are available in upper division courses at the cellular and molecular, organismal, and ecological and evolutionary biology levels. Students can design a study plan which allows an in-depth exploration of one area or a broader survey of several subdisciplinary areas of biology.

Minor in Biology Requirements: 18 credits

BIO 202
BIO 206
General Biology: Cellular and Molecular
and General Biology: Cellular and Molecular Laboratory
BIO 201
BIO 205
General Biology: Organismal and Population
and General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory
Ten additional credits in BIO courses numbered 300 and above. 110
Must include one lecture+laboratory or laboratory-only course.
Total Credits18

Courses in departments other than Biology may not be applied towards this minor. Additionally, BIO 310 BiostatisticsBIO 425 Development of Biological ThoughtBIO 297 Directed Research, BIO 397 Directed Independent Research (Extramural)BIO 490 Seminar In Undergraduate Biology Instruction, BIO 492 Seminar in Undergraduate Classroom Instruction, BIO 493 Directed Independent Readings, BIO 495 Directed Independent Study, and BIO 497 Directed Independent Research do not apply towards this minor