Students will study intermediate and advanced ancient Latin, along with elective courses from another ancient language or Classical and Near Eastern Studies offerings in translation.

Minor in Latin Requirements: 18 Credits

Select twelve credits from the following:12
Intermediate Latin
Readings in Latin
Latin Prose Composition
Early Latin Authors
Early Latin Themes and Genres
Classical Latin Authors
Classical Latin Themes and Genres
Augustan Latin Authors
Augustan Latin Themes and Genres
Post-Augustan/late Latin Authors
Post-Augustan/late Latin Themes and Genres
Medieval Latin Authors
Medieval Latin Themes and Genres
Diachronic Readings in Latin
Readings in Greek and Latin
Directed Independent Readings 1
Select six additional credits from the list above or from CNE courses numbered 300 or above, or from any Arabic, Hebrew or Greek courses.6
Total Credits18

No more than six hours in LAT 493 Directed Independent Readings will be accepted toward the minor.