The Sustainable Energy minor offers students an introduction to basic energy principles and design methods. Courses are project and case study based.

Minor in Sustainable Energy Requirements: 18 Credits

Introductory Energy Course2
Sustainable Energy
Introductory Applied Science/Design Courses (choose one)2-3
Installation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems
Three Dimensional Design
Electives - Select an additional 13-14 credits (to total 18 for the minor), including at least 6 credits at the 300 level or above from the following:13-14
Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Energy and Sustainability
Contemporary Composition:Writing About Energy
Contemporary Composition:Energy in Society
Installation and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Systems
Convection and Passive Solar Energy Systems
Three Dimensional Design
Introduction to Energy Transfer
Introduction to Material Science
Modeling Electrical Load and Yield
Energy Policy
Directed Independent Readings
Directed Independent Study
Directed Independent Research
Introduction to Solar Energy
Introduction to Photovoltaic Materials
Grants and Funding for Sustainable Technology
Energy Innovation Project I
Energy Innovation Project II
Special Topics in Energy Studies
Computer Models for Short Term Weather Forecasting
History and Technology in the Modern World
Modeling the Physical World I
Philosophical Ethics: Energy and Environment
Sustainable Energy
General Physics for the Physical Sciences I
Advanced General Physics I:Modeling the Physical World
Seminar in Engineering
Divine Providence, Catholic Social Teaching, & the Problem of Climate Change