B.S., Major in Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions Requirements: 43-45 Credits

EXS 125First Aid2
EXS 142Weight Training and Program Design1
EXS 144Aerobic Conditioning and Group Fitness2
EXS 240Foundations of Fitness and Wellness3
EXS 320Human Physiology4
EXS 331Human Anatomy4
EXS 334Biomechanics4
EXS 335Exercise Physiology4
EXS 350Nutrition For Health And Sports Performance3
EXS 401Exercise Prescription3
EXS 407Basic Statistics And Research Methods3
EXS 489Laboratory Methods And Procedures4
EXS 491Career Preparation and Professionalism3
EXS 492Exercise Science Internship3-5
Total Credits43-45