Music Major

B.A., Major in Music Requirements (45 credits)

Music Core
MUS 100Music Theory I2
MUS 101Music Theory II2
MUS 221Ear Training And Sight Singing I1
MUS 222Ear Training And Sight Singing II1
MUS 400Music History II: 20th/21st Classical through Present3
MUS 498Senior Recital1
Keyboard Skills *4
Beginning Class Piano
Applied Music I-Piano
Applied Music II-Piano
Applied Music I-IV8
MUS 137-461
Select a Track from below to complete the degree: General, Performance, or Jazz23
Total Credits45

General Track Requirements

MUS 200Music Theory III2
MUS 300Music History I: Antiquity through Baroque3
MUS 321Ear Training And Sight Singing III1
University Chorus I
University Chorus II
Chamber Choir
Symphonic Band I
Symphonic Band II
University Orchestra I
University Orchestra II
Vocal Skills *3
Voice Class
Applied Music I-Voice
Applied Music II-Voice
MUS 415Conducting3
Select 3 additional MUS credits3
Total Credits23