B.A. (HLM) / M.S. (HWC) Accelerated Program

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP):

B.A., Healthy Lifestyle Management (HLM)/
     M.S. - Integrative Health and Wellness (IHW)

The accelerated M.S.-IHW degree for students in the B.A.-HLM program will allow students to begin earning credit toward the M.S. degree during their final semesters in the B.A. program.

Degree Requirements

  1. B.A., Healthy Lifestyle Management requirements
  2. Plan of Study below during the final semesters of the B.A. degree
  3. M.S., Integrative Health and Wellness requirements
GRD 601Writing for Graduate Students 1
IHW 591Advanced Lifestyle Medicine 2
IHW 650Health Behavior Modification 3
 Term Credits6
IHW 651Nutrition for Chronic Disease 3
IHW 652Exercise for Chronic Disease 3
 Term Credits6
Begin additional 24 credit hours as a HWC graduate student.  
 Term Credits0
 Total Credits: 12