BA, Major in Healthy Lifestyle Management course requirements (40 Credits)

Required Courses
HLM 101Introduction to Healthy Lifestyle Management1
ANT 113Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health3
PSY 201Introductory Psychology3
HLM 301Foundations of Healthy Lifestyle Management3
ANT 418Healthcare, Society and Culture3
PSY 352Health Psychology3
COM 361Interpersonal Communication3
HLM 340Healthy Eating and Whole Person Health3
HLM 341Physical Activity and Whole Person Health3
HLM 451Heath and Wellness Coaching3
HLM 450Lifestyle Medicine3
HLM 499Capstone in Healthy Lifestyle Management3
Electives (2 courses)6
Select two of the following electives:
Cross-Cultural Communication
Medical Anthropology
Sustainability and Rural America
Food, Society, and Environment
Statistics for the Social Sciences
Global Health: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach
Environment and Society: Sociological Perspectives
Gender, Society and Culture
Social Inequality and Stratification
Social Welfare Needs of Vulnerable Populations:Exploring Helping Role from Social Work Perspective
Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Self-Care for the Helping Professions
Personal Growth And Development
Developmental Psychology
Research Methods And Statistics I
Adolescent And Adult Development
Psychology of Personality
Social Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
Motivation and Emotion
Leadership: Theories, Styles, And Skills
Organizational Communication Theories
Health Communication
Cultural Communication
Communicating Health Narratives
Environmental Communication
Perspectives on Work-Life Balance, Wellness and Justice
Health Care, Society, And Values
Public Health Ethics
Innovation and Creativity
Essentials of Epidemiology
Health Economics
Total Credits40