Computer Science and Informatics

B.S., Major in Computer Science and Informatics
Program Director: Dr. Dave Reed

In an increasingly high-tech world, graduates with knowledge and skills in computing and information technology are always in demand. Computing careers such as software engineer, Web designer, game developer, systems analyst, database manager, and network administrator can be challenging, dynamic, rewarding, and lucrative. The Computer Science & Informatics major provides practical knowledge and skills for the information technology jobs of today, while also building the critical reasoning and communication skills necessary for a career in which learning and adapting to new technologies are essential. A variety of internship opportunities are available, as well as student research experiences for majors pursuing graduate studies.

Computer Science and Informatics Major requirements (41 credits)

  • Choose one track from Computer Science or Digital Development

Computer Science, Design and Journalism required courses
CSC 121Computers and Scientific Thinking3
GDE 324Digital Foundations3
JRM 215Media Literacy and Information Concepts2
JRM 319Media Writing3
or JRM 320 Professional Writing
Computer Science and Informatics Major required courses
CSC 221Introduction to Programming3
CSC 222Object-Oriented Programming3
CSC 599Senior Capstone3
Choose one of the following tracks:21
Computer Science track (21 credits)
Data Structures
Introduction To Computer Organization
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Programming Languages
Software Engineering
CSC Electives 400-level or above (6 credits)
Digital Development track
Web Programming
Mobile App Development
Graphic Design
Web Design
Interaction Design
Information Ethics
CSC Electives 300-level or above (6 credits)
Total Credits41

Note: A maximum of 3 credits from CSC 493, CSC 495, CSC 497, and CSC 499 may be applied to the major.