The Graphic Design program aims to create a well-rounded education in print, web design, interactive multimedia, video and still photography, typography, motion graphics and animation. A minor in Graphic Design will provide a strong foundation in the design and media fields to prepare graduates for a solid understanding of the concepts and practices in the field. 

Graphic Design Minor (18 credits)

GDE 324Digital Foundations for the Web3
GDE 370Video and Photo3
GDE Upper-level Electives 112
12 credits 300-level or above GDE courses.
Total Credits18

GDE 493 Directed Independent Readings, and all Internships for credit  (JRM 477 Advanced News Production, JRM 479 Graphic Design Internship, JRM 483 Public Relations Internship, JRM 485 News Internship, JRM 487 Advertising Internship) will not count towards the minor but only as electives  taken with the consent of instructors.