BA, Major in Justice and Society Requirements: 37 Credits

Introductory Course
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Anthropology: Human and Cultural Diversity
Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Energy and Sustainability
Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
Introduction to Sociology: Self and Society
SOC/ANT 301Social and Cultural Theory3
SOC/ANT 312Research Design for the Social Sciences3
SOC/ANT 314Statistics for the Social Sciences4
SOC/ANT 499Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences3
Justice and Peace Studies
JPS/THL 365Faith And Moral Development (one-credit seminar taken three times) 13
JPS 499Senior Seminar3
JPS/THL 565Catholic Social Teaching3
JPS/THL 588Christian Ethics Of War And Peace3
Service Learning
Select one of the following service-learning or immersion courses:3
Dominican Republic in Context
Public Health & Social Justice in Haiti
Poverty in America
Philosophical Ethics (Cortina Community)
Ecclesiology in Global Context
Select six additional elective credits in SOC and/or ANT chosen in consultation with the JAS Director. 6
Total Credits37