The Minor in Italian Studies offers students the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary field of Italian speaking Europe and civilization. While complementing the students’ areas of specialization, particularly in the fields of Italian art, architecture, and history it will allow them to develop proficiency in all Italian language skills. In addition, this program will broaden their comprehension of Italian culture and help them negotiate cultural differences within Italy and Italian society.

Minor in Italian Studies Requirements: 18 Credits

A minimum of 12 credits toward the minor must be taken at Creighton.

Group A: Language and Culture9
Intermediate Italian
Advanced Italian I
Studies in Contemporary Italian Culture: 1975-2002
Group B: Italian Literature and Culture (in Italian) 16
Italian Practicum 2
Introduction to Italian Literature
Directed Independent Study
Italian History and Society in Italian Cinema
Group C: Italian Art and Architecture (in English) 13
Etruscan and Roman Art
History of Italian Renaissance Art and Architecture
Seventeenth-Century Art and Architecture
The Roman Republic
The Roman Empire
The City of Rome in Antiquity
The City of Rome since Antiquity
Roma: Passeggiate nella Citta Eterna (travel course)
Exploring Italy (travel course)
Michelangelo and the High Renaissance
Total Credits18

Credits may vary between Groups B and C, as long as the total for the minor is 18.


May be repeated to a limit of three credits.