B.S., Major in Neuroscience Requirements: 71 credits

Pre-requisites and Support courses: 31 credits

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in the following courses to be admitted to the Neuroscience program.
Pre-requisite courses
BIO 201General Biology: Organismal and Population3
BIO 202General Biology: Cellular and Molecular3
BIO 205General Biology: Organismal and Population Laboratory1
BIO 206General Biology: Cellular and Molecular Laboratory1
PSY 201Introductory Psychology3
CHM 203General Chemistry I3
CHM 204General Chemistry I Laboratory1
CHM 205General Chemistry II3
or CHM 285 Advanced General Chemistry II
CHM 206General Chemistry II Laboratory1
or CHM 286 Chemical and Statistical Analysis Laboratory
Support courses
Chemistry support
CHM 321Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 322Organic Chemistry I Laboratory1
Physics Support8
Choose 1 of the Physics course sequences below:
Option 1 (recommended for pre-medical, pre-health and pre-graduate program students).8
General Physics for the Life Sciences
General Physics Laboratory I
General Physics for the Life Sciences II
General Physics Laboratory II
Option 2 (recommended for students interested in electives requiring calculus-based physics).8
General Physics for the Physical Sciences I
General Physics Laboratory I
General Physics for the Physical Sciences II
General Physics Laboratory II
Option 3 (given approval from the Physics Department)8
Advanced General Physics I:Modeling the Physical World
Project Physics Laboratory I
Advanced General Physics II:Modeling the Physical World
Project Physics Laboratory II

Neuroscience Core Requirements: 28 credits

All of the following:
PSY 437Physiological Psychology3
BIO 462Neurobiology3
BIO 463Neurobiology Laboratory1
PHR 350Introduction to Neuropharmacology3
PHL 424Philosophy of Mind3
HAP/PHL 457Biomedical Ethics: Philosophical and Theological Approaches3
NES 510Neurophysiology Lab2
NES 592Neuroscience Senior Seminar1
Select one of the following: 3
Animal Physiology
Human Physiology
Select one of the following:3
Cell Structure and Function
Biochemistry of Metabolism
Select one of the following: 3-4
Applying Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology
Elementary Probability and Statistics

Electives: 4 courses

A minimum of 4 additional courses and 12 hours from any of the following groups:12
Cellular and Organismal Neuroscience
NES XXX Pharmacology of Drugs and Abuse
Introduction to Clinical Neuroscience
Animal Behavior
Animal Behavior Laboratory
Current Topics in Neuroscience
Developmental Biology
Behavioral Neuroscience
Abnormal Psychology
Contemporary Trends in Psychology 1
Cognitive Psychology
Learning: Basic Processes
Sensation and Perception
Physical Neurosciences
Modern Physics
Modern Physics Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Physical Optics
Optics Laboratory
Physics in Medicine
Introduction to Biological Physics
Radiation Biophysics
Physics of Medical Imaging I
Computational Neurosciences
Bioinformatics: Genomics Approach
Advanced Linear Algebra
Advanced Differential Equations
Mathematics in Medicine and Life Sciences II
Data Structures
Algorithm Design and Analysis
Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
Special Topics
Philosophical Neurosciences
Philosophy Of The Human Sciences
Philosophy Of The Natural Sciences

This Contemporary Trends class must be Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience in order to count toward the major. Students are referred to the instructor and program director for approval.

Research - Introduction to Research Design and Methods (Instructor Consent)

NES 297 Directed Research 

Honors Requirement (Optional - Instructor Consent)

An equivalent of two semesters worth of honors level research is required (NES 397, NES 497, or NES 495).  Research of 0 credits may be taken if the student has reached 18hrs of course credit. The honors designation will be met by submission of a written abstract for evaluation and presentation (oral and/or written) of the research project at Senior Seminar plus a local, regional, and/or national meeting.   Honors status may be associated with membership in the national Neuroscience Honor Society, Nu Rho Psi.

NES 397     Directed Independent Research (Extramural)  0 to 3 credits
NES 497     Directed Independent Research                        0 to 3 credits
NES 495     Directed Independent Study                             0 to 3 credits