Detroit Mercy Cooperative Engineering Program

The program consists of two years of pre-engineering at Creighton University followed by two years of cooperative engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy. After completing the academic requirements at the University of Detroit Mercy, the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Civil, Electrical, Manufacturing, or Mechanical Engineering. Students who successfully complete the following program, or an alternate approved program, will be unconditionally recommended for transfer to the Junior Class of the College of Engineering and Science at the University of Detroit Mercy; they will be certified as being qualified for cooperative industrial training in the Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, or Civil and Environmental departments.

First Year
PHY 201General Physics for the Life Sciences 3
MTH 245Calculus I 4
ENG 150Contemporary Composition:College Composition 3
Magis Christian Tradition Course (THL 110-119)  3
RSP 101An Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life 1
 Term Credits14
PHY 202General Physics for the Life Sciences II 3
MTH 246Calculus II 4
ENG 220World Literature I: Antiquity to Renaissance 3
Magis Philosophical Ideas Course (PHL 110-118)  3
Magis Critical Issues Course and COM 101  4
 Term Credits17
Second Year
PHY 301Modern Physics 13
CHM 203
CHM 204
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
MTH 347Calculus III 3
Scripture (200-Level THL)  3
MTH 445Advanced Differential Equations 3
PHY 302
   or PHY 303
Modern Physics Laboratory 1
   or Electronics Laboratory
 Term Credits17
Social Science  3
CHM 205
CHM 206
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
CSC 221Introduction to Programming 3
Magis Ethics Course  3
PHY 522
   or MTH 429
Electric Circuits
   or Advanced Linear Algebra
PHY 591Seminar in Engineering 1-3
 Term Credits17-19
 Total Credits: 65-67

PHY 301 Modern Physics and PHY 302 Modern Physics Laboratory are required of Electrical Engineering majors at University of Detroit Mercy.

Coordination with Engineering Programs of Other Institutions

The first-year program outlined above is the standard first-year program for most engineering schools with slight variations. A study of the first-year program at the engineering college of your choice will reveal those variations which can be accommodated in the students schedule. Students wishing to spend a second year at Creighton before making application to an engineering school are advised to contact that school directly for explicit approval of a second-year schedule.