The Atmospheric Sciences minor explores a wide range of investigation within synoptic meteorology, forecasting, global climatology and climate change. The course work in the minor is designed to give the student a grasp of the various subdisciplines associated with the Atmospheric Sciences and allied Physical Sciences. Students may select either a set of courses emphasizing a specific area of interest (e.g. the meteorology of severe weather, global climate change, or analysis and forecasting) or a broad spectrum of courses representing diverse areas of inquiry within the atmospheric and earth sciences.

Minor in Atmospheric Sciences Requirements:18 credits

ATS 113Introduction To Atmospheric Sciences3
Select fifteen credits from the following:15
Introduction To Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory
Weather Analysis and Forecasting
Environmental Geology
Physical Climatology and Climate Change
Radar Remote Sensing
Mesoscale Analysis
Tropical Meteorology
Meteorological Remote Sensing
Introduction To Physical Oceanography
Synoptic Meteorology I
Synoptic Meteorology II
Dynamic Meteorology I
Dynamic Meteorology II
Total Credits18