Certificate of Psychology

Certificate of Psychology requirements: 38 credits

Group A: Introduction and Fundamental Methodologies of Psychology (11 credits)
Students must complete all courses in Group A.
PSY 201Introductory Psychology3
PSY 313Research Methods And Statistics I3
PSY 314Research Methods and Statistics I - Laboratory1
PSY 315Research Methods And Statistics II3
PSY 316Research Methods And Statistics II Laboratory1
Group B: Foundational Domains in Psychology (15 credits)
Students complete one course from each of the following four domains.
Domain 1
PSY 431Cognitive Psychology3
or PSY 434 Learning: Basic Processes
Domain 2
PSY 436Sensation and Perception3
or PSY 437 Behavioral Neuroscience
Domain 3
PSY 341Infant and Child Development3
or PSY 342 Adolescent And Adult Development
or PSY 351 Psychopathology
Domain 4
PSY 343Psychology of Personality3
or PSY 344 Social Psychology
Fifth Domain Course3
Students select a fifth course from the four domains above.
Group C: Applications of Psychology (3 credits)3
Students must complete one of the following courses.
Health Psychology
Industrial Psychology
Psychology and the Law
Organizational Psychology
School Psychology
Psychological Assessments
Forensic Psychology
Clinical Psychology
Group D: Senior Capstone Courses (3 credits)3
Students must take one class. To enroll in Group D students must be Junior or Senior standing and have or be enrolled in 15 Psychology hours.
Application Capstones
Undergraduate Internship In Psychology
Undergraduate Internship In Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Integration Capstones
History And Systems Of Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
Research Capstones
Honors Seminar
Advanced Behavioral Research
PSY Elective Courses
Students complete 6 credits (2 courses).6
Total Credits38