Specific Requirements for Admission to the Medical Anthropology Major

  • Successful completion of one Introductory class with a grade of “C” or better and completion of another Anthropology course, with a grade of “C” or better.

B.A., Major in Medical Anthropology Requirements: 37 Credits

Select one of the following Introductory Courses:3
Introduction to Anthropology: Human and Cultural Diversity
Introduction to Anthropology: Culture, Energy and Sustainability
Introduction to Anthropology: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
Core Courses
ANT 301Social and Cultural Theory3
ANT 314Statistics for the Social Sciences4
ANT 316Qualitative Methods In The Social Sciences3
ANT 317Global Health Issues: A Biosocial and Justice-Oriented Approach3
ANT 363Medical Anthropology3
ANT 418Healthcare, Society and Culture3
ANT 491Applied Research: Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation3
ANT 499Senior Capstone: Applying the Social Sciences3
Select 9 credits of any Anthropology (ANT) courses.
Total Credits37

Note: Medical Anthropology majors are encouraged to take any Creighton FLPA (Faculty Led Program Away) course cross-listed with ANT or taught by one of our program faculty. 

Students who are interested in a double-major in Social Work and Medical Anthropology should contact the current Program Director in Social Work and/or in Medical Anthropology for early advising toward an appropriate four-year plan.