Program Director: Susan Calef
Program Office: Dowling Hall-Humanities Center, Room 125

The Women’s and Gender Studies minor combines two interdisciplinary fields to introduce students to the rapidly expanding scholarship focused on people's experience of gender. Reflective of its foundation in Women’s Studies, the program highlights the often overlooked experiences and contributions of women, both historically and in contemporary societies around the globe. As Gender Studies, the program explores social constructions and diverse experiences of gender and sexual orientation. The meaning of the program slogan, "a minor that makes a major difference," is two-fold. First, WGS aims to make a difference in the personal, intellectual, and professional lives of students by exposure to new, more inclusive ways of thinking and relating in contemporary society. Second, the minor intends to make a difference in a student's major field of study by providing concepts, perspectives, and insights that become "lenses" through which to conduct research.
The WGS minor requires 18 credit hours consisting of one required course (WGS 300, Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies) and five 3-credit electives.

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies