The Women's and Gender Studies minor is an 18-credit hour interdisciplinary program made up of courses offered by multiple departments in the College of Arts and Sciences. The sole required course for the minor is WGS 300 (Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies), which need not be taken first. However, students pursuing the minor are encouraged to take WGS 300 at their earliest convenience due to its foundational nature. For their 15-credit electives, students are urged to choose courses that simultaneously service their major field of study. Opportunities for independent study are available, subject to approval by the WGS Program Director. Currently, eleven courses that count toward the WGS minor also count toward the Magis Core in the College, with additional courses currently under construction.
WGS minors are encouraged to present their research and learning in public settings beyond Creighton classrooms, e.g., the annual No Limits Women's and Gender Studies Student Conference hosted by the universities of Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha, Kearney) and Creighton's annual Women's and Gender Studies Showcase of Student Learning & Research. In addition, WGS minors are also urged to "walk the talk" of their studies by extra-curricular involvements in educative, advocacy, and consciousness-raising activities on campus and in the Omaha community. At the annual commencement exercises, the program honors graduating WGS minors for academic excellence, research, advocacy, service, and leadership in service of gender justice, in short, for "making a difference" in accord with the goals and values of the program.

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies Requirements: 18 Credits

Required Introduction Course
WGS 300Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
Women's and Gender Studies Elective Courses
Select fifteen credits from the following:15
Social Inequality and Stratification
Gender, Society and Culture
Women, Art and Society
Love, Marriage and the Family in Classical Antiquity
Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Hellenistic Egypt
Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Rome and Roman Egypt
Princesses, Brides and Mothers
Gender Communication
Gender, Work, and Organizing
Discourse of the American Family
The Dark Side of Personal Relationships
Gendered Health Across the Lifespan
Mass Media and Modern Culture
English Literature III: Romantic/Victorian
Women in Literature
Special Topics in American Literature
Women Writers In French And Francophone Literature
Biography as History
The History Of Women In The United States
Women in Science
Philosophy of Feminism
Food, Sex, and the Good Life
The Philosophy of Love and Sex
Gender and Politics
Human Sexuality
Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology
The Psychology of Gender
Victim Advocacy Policy and Practice
Crime, Victimization and Urban Environments
American Cultural Minorities
The Environment and Race, Class, and Gender
Theological Ethics: Sexual and Gender Issues
The Biblical Tradition: Gender, Economy, and Violence
Women and the Bible
Women In The Christian Tradition
Directed Independent Study
Women Writers In French And Francophone Literature
Total Credits18