The Department of Economics also provides a program of study for students in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Arts with economics as the major field of study.

Economics Major for Arts and Sciences Students Requirements: 34 Credits

Concentration Major
BUS 229Statistical Analysis4
ECO 203Introductory Microeconomics3
ECO 205Introductory Macroeconomics3
ECO 303Intermediate Microeconomics3
ECO 305Intermediate Macroeconomics3
ECO 508Development Of Political Economy3
Select 15 credits of upper division courses in economics. 15
Total Credits34

ECO 203 Introductory Microeconomics and ECO 205 Introductory Macroeconomics should be taken before junior year. ECO 303 Intermediate Microeconomics and ECO 305 Intermediate Macroeconomics should be taken in the junior year.

Note: MTH 201 Applied Mathematics and MTH 141 Applied Calculus, MTH 231 Calculus for the Biological Sciences or MTH 245 Calculus I are pre-requisites to BUS 229 Statistical Analysis. These math classes should be completed by the second semester of junior year.