BSBA, Major in Bioscience Entrepreneurship Track Requirements: 18 Credits

ENT 411Finance for Entrepreneurial Ventures3
ENT 418Bioscience Technology Commercialization3
ENT 473Venture Creation and Development3
One of the following:3
Innovation and Creativity
Entrepreneurship Internship
Vocation of the Business Leader
Entrepreneurship Incubator
Sustainable Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship
Renewable Energy Strategy
ENT elective (at 300 level or above)
Consumer And Market Behavior
One of the following:3
Sales Management
Marketing Research
Global Marketing
MKT elective (at 300 level or above)
Additional three credits from any department in the University chosen in consultation with an ENT faculty member and approved by Dept Chair.
Total Credits18

If MGT 373 is taken to fulfill the global business requirement and also as a major elective, the management major must take three business electives.  At least one of the three business electives must be outside of management.  A business elective is any upper division business class.  Business foundation classes are not considered business electives.  If a student double majors, courses taken as part of the second major fulfill the business electives requirement.