Learning Communities

The EDGE Pre-Health and Pre-Law Learning Communities bring together students with shared academic interests in health and legal careers. These sequential seminars build upon each other throughout each year of a student’s undergraduate program to progressively provide students with the information, knowledge, and resources they need on their path to professional school. Through both in-person classes and online modules, the seminars assist students in exploring health and legal career options, gaining experience in their chosen profession, and preparing for the professional school application process.

The EDGE Learning Communities are:

  • PHLC: Pre-Health Seminar
  • PDDS: Pre-Dental Seminar
  • PLAW: Pre-Law Information Community
  • PMED: Pre-Medical Seminar
  • POPT: Pre-Occupational Therapy Seminar
  • PRX: Pre-Pharmacy Seminar
  • PPT: Pre-Physical Therapy Seminar
  • PPA: Pre-Physician Assistant Seminar