In general, schools of dentistry require applicants to have completed coursework in the basic sciences, but not in areas that duplicate dental school courses, and they seriously encourage study in the social sciences, the humanities, and mathematics. At Creighton, pre-dental students carry out these studies in a variety of programs leading to the baccalaureate degree. Although most students major in biology, chemistry, or psychology, others have majored in such fields as physics, mathematics, English, philosophy, and theology. Each student’s program is designed so that by the end of the junior year he or she will have completed the basic requirements for application to professional school. The minimum requirements are as follows:

At least 90 semester hours (three years) of college work in an accredited institution, excluding physical education, and one-hour “drill-type” ROTC courses, but including 6 hours of English and one-year courses with laboratory in general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and general physics.

Ordinarily in the spring or summer of the year before intended matriculation in dental school, students take the national admission examination, the DAT (Dental Admission Test). During the senior year, professional school admission committees review the students’ applications. The first round of acceptances are announced on December 1 in the calendar year prior to matriculation in dental school.