Creighton Doctor of Pharmacy Prerequisites

A minimum of 63 semester hours or 95 quarter hours are required before entering the program. Prerequisite courses (listed below) must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. All applicants (excluding Creighton University undergraduates who complete all of their prerequisite math and science undergraduate coursework at Creighton with a 2.90 GPA) are required to take the PCAT.  The Admission Committee recommends the PCAT be taken following completion of at least one semester of organic chemistry. The Admission Committee will not review applications until a grade of "C" or better is earned in Organic Chemistry I. Students planning on taking the January PCAT are encouraged to submit the PharmCAS application at least four weeks prior to taking the exam. Personal interviews and two letters of recommendation are required in the admission process. 

General Biology I & II with labs (BIO 201/BIO 205 and BIO 202/BIO 206)8
Human Anatomy (PHA 213)3
General Chemistry I & II with labs (CHM 203/CHM 204 and CHM 205/CHM 206)8
Organic Chemistry I & II with labs (CHM 321/CHM 322 and CHM 323/CHM 324)8
Calculus (MTH 231 or MTH 245)3-4
English (ENG 150, and ENG 220 or ENG 221. A Magis Core Critical Issues in Human Inquiry course for the Speech requirement, even if an ENG course, does not count towards this English requirement.)6
Speech (COM 101 PLUS one course in the Magis Core Critical Issues in Human Inquiry category)4
Psychology (PSY 201)3
Microeconomics (ECO 203) or Macroeconomics (ECO 205)3
Electives (Including at least nine semester hours from humanities or behavioral or social sciences. Creighton undergraduates must complete 6 hours of Theology among the elective hours.)18