Associate degrees are available to students enrolled in the College of Professional Studies only. A candidate for an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree must have earned 64 semester hours of credit with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 or above for all courses attempted at Creighton University and 2.00 or above for all courses in the field of concentration. The ASEMS degree requires a total of 72 semester hours. Students who earn an associate degree may continue on for a bachelor’s degree. All work completed in an associate degree program can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree.

At least half (32) of the hours for the Associate in Science or Associate in Arts must be completed in residence at Creighton University. At least 15 semester hours in the major field must be completed at Creighton.

Associate Degree Requirements: 64 Credits

Associate in Arts Degrees

Associate in Science Degrees

Associate in Science in Emergency Medical Services

Degree-seeking students enrolled through the College of Professional Studies are required to complete CPS 200: Making the Transition to College. Students who have successfully completed RSP Culture of Collegiate life and inter-college transfer to CPS are not required to complete this requirement.

CPS Required Course
CPS 200Making the Transition to College:Strategies for Degree Completion3
Magis Core Foundations: 15
Select all of the following Foundations components:
Contemporary Composition (3)
Critical Issues in Human Inquiry (3)
Oral Communication (1)
Mathematical Reasoning (2)
Philosophical Ideas (3)
The Christian Tradition (3)
Magis Core Explorations:5
Select 5 credits from the following. Ethics is required.
Understanding Natural Science (2)
Understanding Social Science (3)
Global Perspectives in History (3)
Literature (3)
Ethics (3) *required
The Biblical Tradition (3)
Major Requirements25-31
See Major for specific requirements
Select Electives to reach 64 credits 1

 A minimum of 64 credit hours is required for the associate degree. The number of Electives credits needed is dependent on the requirements for the major and courses selected for Explorations.