Emergency Medical Services

Associate of Science in Emergency Medical Services (ASEMS) Requirements: 49 Credits

Completion of EMS 101 Fundamentals Of Emergency Medical Services with a grade of “C” or better or equivalent course and National Registry or state EMT certification are required prior to beginning 300-level and above courses.

Major Requirements (49 credits)
EMS 101Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Services4
EMS 301Preparatory5
EMS 403Patient Assessment3
EMS 406Airway, Ventilation and Respiratory Emergencies3
EMS 407Trauma4
EMS 411Special Patient Populations3
EMS 412Cardiology5
EMS 413Operations2
EMS 414Medical Emergencies I5
EMS 415Assessment Based Management1
EMS 416Medical Emergencies II4
EMS 420Clinical Practicum I1
EMS 421Field Observation1
EMS 422Clinical Practicum II2
EMS 423Field Experience2
EMS 424Clinical Practicum III2
EMS 425Field Internship-Capstone2
Total Credits49

Students who have successfully completed EMS 301-EMS 425 are eligible to test for National Registry certification as a paramedic.