Flex Course Program

All students are eligible to register for self-paced courses in Creighton’s Flex Course Program. The Flex Course Program offers students the opportunity for access to undergraduate courses developed by Creighton faculty members. Communication is the key to receiving the personalized instruction that is ordinarily given in the traditional college classroom. The Flex Course Program maintains the same high degree of instructional quality that is maintained in on-campus courses at Creighton.

The minimum course completion time is 8 weeks, and the maximum is six months from the date of enrollment. Tuition is $1,299 per course, except for NUR 223 Nutrition (2 credits), which is $866. Textbook and supplementary course material costs are in addition to tuition. Flex Course Program information is available online at adultdegrees.creighton.edu/flexible/flex-courses or from the College of Professional Studies Office, B-11, Eppley Building 402.280.2870 or 1.800.637.4279. Students may register for a Flex Course Program course any time during the year.

Available Courses

PSY 271Developmental Psychology3
Coursewriter: Debra L. Schwiesow, Ed.S.
PSY 341Infant and Child Development3
Coursewriter: Debra L. Schwiesow, Ed.S.
THL 325Catholicism: Creed and Question3
Coursewriter: Julie Vankat