Bioethics Graduate Certificate

Bioethics Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Bioethics consists of 15 credit hours total composed of  9 credit hours of core courses and six credit hours of electives. Students will design their own program of study composed of courses listed below consistent with their career and development interests.

Program Outcomes

  1. Identify and deconstruct ethical problems in health care, systems, policies and laws.
  2. Apply ethical principles, norms, and theories in ethically complex situations to facilitate open and informed discussion among multiple stakeholders.
  3. Analyze general concerns of bioethics surrounding health care of populations made vulnerable or marginalized.
  4. Critically reflect on personal and professional attitudes, actions, and experiences to improve communication and interaction with diverse populations.

Graduate Certificate in Bioethics requirements: (15 credits)

Required Courses:
MHE 600Scholarly Reading and Writing3
MHE 604Social and Cultural Contexts of Health Care3
MHE 610Introduction to Bioethics3
Electives: Choose six credits from courses below:6
Health Policy
Research Ethics
Law and Health Care Ethics
Philosophical Bioethics 1
Theories of Justice 1
Practical Ethics in Health Care Settings 1
Ethical Aspects of End-of-Life Care
Public Health Ethics
Catholic Bioethics
Independent Study in Health Care Ethics
Total Credits15